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Bonsai trees have been grown in China and Japan for centuries. Buddhist priests were the ones that created them and, in some centuries time, everyone could enjoy the little trees. And, by little we mean little: a bonsai tree can live up to hundreds of years without being more than 1m high. By regularly cutting down the branches and by shortening the roots, the growing is stopped. More, by not providing the full required elements to grow, the trees remain little. Those really interested in Bonsai trees should know that this is a hobby that requires a lot of responsibility and time, because they are living trees, not some dead wood.

This site tries to help the wanna-be bonsai tree planter get a head start, but a more experienced planter may find some useful information either.

General Info is where you can find some historical info and common ideas on the Bonsai tree culture. It is a fine read before actually going to have your own Bonsai trees.

As soon as you start thinking about having your own Bonsai tree, you have to choose the way to get it: you can buy them already grown, from various nurseries or stores, you can grow them from seeds, from seedlings or even taking wild trees (Yamadori) from their natural environment.

If you choose to create your own Bonsai tree, no matter the source, you will need some accessories and tools, like pots, trays, tables or specific gardening and Bonsai tools.

Then, you have to start planning your own Bonsai tree. First of all, you should decide on the style of the trees, the size and shape. A beginner should start with a vertical one. Then, you should pick the type of tree to choose for your Bonsai. The following step is, of course, creating your own tree.

Of course, single trees are not the only choice when growing Bonsai trees: you can create your own private landscapes, mini-landscapes, as we call them.

Well, finally, you managed to have your tree... you should know how to take proper care of them.

We have carefully selected and categorized Bonsai tree elements, accessories, tools and everything in our products page. Take a look, you may even find cheap, under $30 trees to experiment on.

Now, if any of these info is helpful to you, please, drop us some lines on how to improve the site or tell us any of you succes Bonsai story, or even send us pictures of your Bonsai trees. Our email address is: contact@[nospam] Remove the [nospam] tag for the email address to work.

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