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Sycamore (Acer Pseudoplatanus)

The Sycamore (Acer Pseudoplatanus) may be found in the parks and on the edge of the roads. They have a very interesting bark that, when the tree matures, has a very beautiful structure. It blossoms in the spring, when the leaves have a fresh green color. The sycamores have different colors in the autumn, starting with yellow to orange-red.

As a Bonsai tree, the Sycamore looks quite rough, with big leaves and powerful young stems. This is why you should be very strong in your actions. Any height above 27inches/80cm is good for the tree. The leaves, few and big, are reduced in size by cutting in June.

Any usual Bonsai soil may be used. For bigger and older plants, you should use permeable clay (Akadama). For younger plants, you should mix some peat with the soil.

Use organic Bonsai fertilizer, liquid, dust or balls, monthly, starting from April till August. In the summer, you should cut the leaves, and on the first nutrition should be used liquid fertilizers. This way, the growth of the leaves should be stimulated and you can cut them every 2 weeks.

The Sycamore Bonsai trees aren't too strong. They cannot be allowed outside in the winter without proper protection: plastic foils or glass covers. You can also store them in a colder room, with moist air.

The wiring is very difficult for the Sycamore trees, because the wire easily embeds in the bark. You should tie the plant in February or March with soft aluminum wire. You should be very careful in the spring and the summer so that the wire doesn't embed in the bark. If you see the danger, remove the wire quickly. In the autumn, the wire has to be removed from the tree and, next year, the process should be restarted.

Cutting the branches:
You should cut the thicker branches or shorten them starting with the end of February to the end of March. The scar should be covered with special wax or balm. The thin branches should be removed throughout the year.

From May to September, the new stems should be cut in order to shape the desired figure to the tree.

Cutting the leaves:
The Sycamore leaves are relatively big for a Bonsai. This is why cutting the leaves is very important. Of course, you should cut the leaves once in 2-3 years, not yearly.

The spot should be sunny and bright. In shadowed spots, the leaves grow too big and the tails too long.

You should transfer the Sycamore Bonsai tree once in 2-4 years. Once in 2 years for an optimal growth and, for older trees, once in 3 or 4 years. You should transfer it early in the spring, from February to April. You should cut the roots on this occasion, either. More, you should protect the plants from freezing after the transfer.

The Sycamore trees should not be used to achieve every shape possible. The cascade shape is not to be advised, but you can still try straight shapes, oblique shapes, multiple stems and broom shapes.

Oh, and don't forget, we want to see pictures of your bonsai trees. Send them to us!

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